We Love Our Clients!

We Love Our Clients

This week we are sharing the stories of a few of our clients that we are doubly thankful for. We love having them as clients, but we also love that they are all working hard to make their communities a better place. We are privileged to be associated with each of these unique organizations!

Ciudad Nueva

Ciudad Nueva has been working in the inner city of El Paso for the last 12 years. Their vision of neighborhood and individual empowerment is what drives their programs and their mission. Through afterschool programs, summer camps, mentoring, soccer teams, financial literacy programs, and other activities, they seek be a light, a hope, and an encouragement to their neighbors.

Their ministry began by mentoring 10 third graders in the Rio Grande Historic District of El Paso. Since then, thousands of people in the area have partnered with them. However, relationships are still at the heart of everything they do. Some of those original 10 students are still involved in Ciudad Nueva’s programs!

Many of their staff live and work in their community, truly living out their neighboring ideal. Working together with neighborhood churches and leaders, they have also helped address community issues, advocated for improvements, and provided for families in many ways.

“Tiffany has been a friend and supporter to us for a long time,” says Ciudad Nueva’s Executive Director, Sami DiPasquale. “We are so excited that 8 Signal is helping tell our story and keeping us connected with our supporters.”


CareNet provides a loving and safe environment to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of women and men facing unplanned pregnancies. They also provide pregnancy health services and support, education on reproductive issues, and support for those who have experienced trauma in the past.

A personal connection to each woman is what makes CareNet unique. Trained counselors are available to help both men and women through a tough time—to give hope and a helping hand. CareNet also provides practical help with a new parent starter kit and emergency packs of diapers, formula, and baby clothes.

You can visit CareNet’s website at www.CareNetLasCruces.com.


SparkVoice is passionate about giving girls and women a chance to communicate their ideas and their dreams. Whether it is their speaking skills, their writing skills, or simply achieving a goal, the mission of SparkVoice is to help women and girls encourage each other to find their spark and their voice.

The main avenue to reach this goal is through a teen mentoring and literacy program that meets monthly to inspire participants to write and speak about topics that are important to them. Through mentoring and encouragement, the girls grow in confidence, communication skills, and critical thinking.

Workshops, camps, and interactive lectures are also available to inspire girls and women. SparkMoms is a monthly support group for moms who wish to meet and encourage each other in the busy season of motherhood.

“8 Signal gave me the specific support I needed to believe I could launch my organization,” says Karen Lang, SparkVoice founder. “They spurred on my efforts with practical solutions to my specific design needs. Their confidence boosted my confidence as I very quickly saw my website vision become a reality.”

You can learn more about SparkVoice at www.SparkVoice.com.

House of Hope

House of Hope is a pregnancy resource medical center in El Paso, TX providing caring, confidential help to women facing unplanned pregnancy. Their services include basic medical care, education, and counseling.

House of Hope seeks to help families through the entire process. Through peer counseling and parenting education classes, House of Hope helps parents cope with the emotional demands of parenting. Parents can access practical emergency supplies such as diapers, wipes, and formula through their services as well.

The staff at House of Hope includes two MD’s who volunteer their time to provide quality medical care for those seeking pregnancy or reproductive information. Sonograms and pregnancy tests are offered free of charge.

House of Hope seeks to offer a safe, supportive environment where women can get services as well as find hope in the midst of their circumstances.

Visit House of Hope’s website at www.houseofhope-elp.org.

We are so thankful for all of our great clients and are proud of these organizations doing great things for their communities!

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