Marketing Insights That Will Help You Sell During Any Pandemic Without Losing Your Mind

A picture of a $100 bill with Benjamin Franklin wearing a COVID-19 quarantine mask.

You’ve been watching your sales numbers fall for over a month all thanks to the coronavirus, the new four(ish) letter word.

In the last few weeks, you’ve pushed through incredibly difficult obstacles just to make sure your business survives. And we want to be sure you know this: you’re doing a great job.

And you’re not alone! The reality is, every business across the globe is struggling to navigate through this crisis.

That’s why I wrote this blog post. I want to empower you to successfully navigate through this chaos and build a thriving online presence for your business.

Surviving the economic impact of a global pandemic is a first for all of us. But, 8 Signal has learned so much by helping our clients create messaging that allows their unique brand voice to stand out amongst the chaos of the online world, driving high-converting online sales.

With that in mind, here are three tips we here at 8 Signal recommend for creating dynamic sales content that converts to actual revenue rather than falling flat.

Money pouring out of a laptop symbolizing our successful digital marketing strategy and implementation.

Creating Content that Connects and Converts

If you want to increase sales during COVID-19, you have to remember the first rule of writing effective online sales content:

1. Remember that the content you create is being consumed by actual people.

You may be thinking, “Of course I know that, that’s too basic!” but I can’t tell you how many businesses forget this key realization! So before you start pumping out content, think about your target audience and what they’re specifically experiencing because of COVID-19.

The sooner you assess the needs they’re experiencing in this crisis, the more your content will resonate with your target audience.

2. Engage your audience in conversation instead of talking about yourself.

It’s easy to start a piece of marketing content with facts about your amazing company, your incredible services, and how you can meet your client’s needs better than anyone else. But to be honest, your potential clients aren’t going to care about any of that until you prove that you care about them.

You need to create engaging content that allows your target audience to open up about their COVID-19 experiences, needs, and thoughts. Then, after hearing them out and affirming their fears, frustrations, and feelings, lead the conversation into this next point:

3. Demonstrate how your products and services provide the solutions they need.

Don’t just tell your target audience that your products are the solution. Show them.

As my mom used to say, “Actions speak louder than words.”

(There, Mom, I listened — are you proud of me?!)

You’ve shown your target audience that you see where they’re coming from and that you care about helping them. Now, you need to give them authentic examples of how your skills, products, and/or services have provided solutions to others in their same situation.

Marketing content that’s backed up by real experiences from genuine people will increase sales during COVID-19 and beyond because it proves to your potential clients that your company delivers the goods — literally.

Older Hispanic gentleman happily making an online purchase from the comfort of his home.

How 8 Signal takes care of the details

I know that it’s incredibly easy to talk about these ideas in a general context, but it’s much more challenging to successfully implement them for your business.

That’s where 8 Signal comes in.

Here at 8 Signal, our goal is to lighten the incredibly heavy load you have on your shoulders. If you’re still struggling to create content that will increase sales during COVID-19 after this blog post, we offer these digital marketing services that will strengthen your online presence:

  • Marketing Strategy: Our proven and innovative approach to marketing strategy draws attention to your business’s specific expertise and allows you to become a trusted and influential voice within your industry.
  • Branding & Logo Design: Dynamic content is most effective when it’s paired with stunning, engaging, and relevant visuals that represent your brand, your message, and your voice. Don’t settle for “It looks good enough.” Show your clients your best side.
  • Website Management, Design, and Support: Developing and maintaining a visually stimulating website that effectively conveys your brand’s unique personality isn’t for the faint of heart. Our team of experts can build a space that represents you, and they can keep that space running smoothly so technical difficulties don’t interfere with your online business.
  • Content, Video, and Email Marketing: Creating consistent and engaging content that connects with your audience and converts into real revenue is what we’ve briefly covered in this blog post, but the process itself is far from brief. We save you time by generating on-brand, dynamic content so that you’re free to focus on what you do best.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Now more than ever, your business needs to show up quickly and effectively on search engines like Google. Don’t miss out on meeting your target audience! Let our SEO experts share your voice with the world.
  • Digital Advertising: You don’t want your target audience to see your ads and groan before clicking out of them as fast as possible. Our ads introduce your target clientele to your business, leading to authentic sales conversations.

If any of these services struck a chord with your business needs or if you want more information on how 8 Signal can strengthen your business’s online presence and increase sales during COVID-19, start a conversation with us today. We can’t wait to meet you!