Marketing Strategy

Only 17% of Marketers are Getting Organized

Coschedule reports that marketers with a documented strategy are over 3 times (313%) more likely to report success in their marketing efforts. 

Yet only 17% of marketers reported having an organized approach for their digital marketing strategy.

SmartInsights found that nearly half (45%) of businesses don’t have a strategy, but they are doing digital marketing. 

So how can your marketing staff move to a dependable, repeatable process that gets results?

Turn Excessive Waste Into Your Opportunity

Without a documented marketing strategy, businesses are wasting enormous amounts of money on a marketing budget that’s providing minimal results — at best. 

Most businesses are also wasting time and energy switching from one marketing tool and tactic to another every 90 days.  

Attracting new customers doesn’t have to be this painful, even though so many businesses settle for this wasteful approach. And in this waste lies your opportunity: strategy.

Why Does Marketing Strategy Matter?

At its core, marketing strategy is a clear, focused plan of action for achieving  your business goals. It gives your business confidence in committing to effective marketing efforts for the long-term.

A successful marketing blueprint describes your ideal client, maps out their path from a stranger to a raving fan, aligns your messages to guide them to the results they seek, and outlines the best channels to reach them at each step.

Before you invest in any digital marketing — whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook, SEO, social media, email automation, a new website, or countless other options — your business needs a marketing strategy.

From Tactics and Luck to Marketing Prowess

A marketing strategy can produce some instantaneous results, but the bulk of the benefits blossom in the long-term. 

A focused marketing plan will align communication between your teams so you know when your marketing budget actually supports the company’s revenue growth goals.

So, if you’re already pouring time and money into some form of marketing, focus your resources on a marketing approach that’s built to last.


Marketing Strategy Uncovers Your Target Audience

62% of B2B tech companies say creating engaging content is their biggest digital marketing struggle. That’s why we begin our strategic approach with the Buyer Persona, revealing the demographic details, intrinsic motivations and key purchase drivers of your target audience. 


Marketing Strategy Focuses Your Budget on What Works

Did you know that businesses appearing on the first page of search results snag 92% of customer traffic? Enter (again!) the Buyer Persona: it identifies which trending keywords, social media platforms and marketing tools will be most effective for connecting with your clients.


Marketing Strategy Makes Your Message Compelling 

CoSchedule reported that social media, email and blog content are the top-three performing content services, accounting for 52% of client attraction. With the Before/After Transformation Model, we identify the message that shows your product or service value to your ideal buyer on any media. 


Marketing Strategy Gives You the Customer Perspective

Marketing strategy provides planning and consistency, which makes your brand 3.5 times more likely to obtain excellent brand visibility. For 8 Signal, we accomplish this brand consistency through the 8 Signal Marketing Blueprint, allowing you to view your company through the eyes of your clients.


Marketing Strategy Identifies Where You’ve Gone Wrong

Companies lacking an organized marketing strategy struggle to achieve — or repeat — successful marketing campaigns. However, with the 8 Signal Marketing Blueprint, we create a map of your clients’ experience with your company, so it’s much easier to identify and correct marketing missteps.

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