We Love Our Clients!

We Love Our Clients

This week we are sharing the stories of a few of our clients that we are doubly thankful for. We love having them as clients, but we also love that they are all working hard to make their communities a better place. We are privileged to be associated with each of these unique organizations!

Worse than getting a “Christmas gift” for the house?

(Guest Post: Ruben’s wife, Ceci) FlyLady. Ever heard of her…? Didn’t think so. I know I hadn’t until this past December. Ruben presented me with her neon pink book with a triumphant look on his face. “This is your Christmas present!” he announced. I know he was waiting for a reaction of disgust from yours truly. Ruben was waiting for me to react to a book titled, “Sink Reflections; Overwhelmed? Disorganized? Living In Chaos?…”