Case study: AWRS El Paso improves their Google Adwords campaign by 1100%

Modern Marketing Analysis

About AWRS of El Paso

AWRS of El Paso is the top choice for all your alloy wheel needs. Whether you need to repair, remanufacture, personalize, or replace your wheels, they can help you. They have consistently provided expert service to OEMs, car dealerships, collision shops, insurance companies, tire retailers, rental companies, auto auctions, auto repair centers, and the general public. They were finally ready to try online marketing in El Paso.


AWRS worked with several marketing companies — both local and not — but they were not able to get them results doing online marketing in El Paso. After dealing with these agencies, AWRS tried in-house marketing but soon realized that completing the research and developing strategies was taking up too much of their time.


AWRS had an increase in clicks that was 44x the amount they were getting when managing their own Google Ads. Additionally, the number of leads they started receiving was 22x more than when 8 Signal first took over their account, including an increase in sales related phone calls.s, call logs, and tracking website views.


AWRS needed a better strategy that would grow along with their business and cater specifically to their target market.

We added their business to the Google network and created digital marketing campaigns through Google PPC ads.

Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists in El Paso knew they needed to advertise and do some online marketing in El Paso for their business, but they had concerns. As Jeremy Ryan stated, “It’s an investment. You go into it a bit sceptical, wondering if you’ll get your money back.”

Before working with 8 Signal, AWRS tried in-house marketing and four other agencies. While doing their marketing in-house, they realized that completing the research and developing strategies was taking up too much of their time, and they’d rather focus on their specialty. “Our job is to fix wheels. We aren’t marketing people, we wouldn’t know where to start.”

AWRS was finding that unreliable advertising agencies and in-house marketing limited their potential. They worked with several marketing companies — both local and not — but they were not able to get them results. After also trying on their own with some online paid advertising and social media, and then relying on advertising agencies that didn’t deliver results, AWRS decided to outsource their online marketing in El Paso to 8 Signal.

Our client needed a better strategy online marketing in El Paso that would grow along with their business and cater specifically to their target market. This eliminated the need for an expensive billboard, the results of which couldn’t be tracked. AWRS specializes in rims and wheels repairs, so if someone needs their services, they won’t be driving down the highway looking at billboards. They take out their phone or log into their computer and look for someone who does these repairs.

What I’ve experienced in the past is that other advertising agencies in El Paso would do their pitch, but they didn’t follow up to show us results. Anyone can do a great sales pitch, but whether you follow through or not is a different thing.”

– Jeremy Ryan, AWRS El Paso

AWRS’s decision to partner with 8 Signal to manage their online marketing in El Paso paid off

“Our phone is definitely ringing a lot more, we are getting a lot more quote requests. The 100+ calls we got last month were calls we didn’t get before. Now we have more opportunities to gain new clients.”

– Jeremy Ryan, AWRS El Paso

Our implemented solutions were adding their name to Google My Business and creating campaigns to market their business with Google PPC advertising. These two options led to their brand new and local QuickLaunch Website.

With Google My Business, AWRS appears whenever and wherever someone searches for them in Google, whether people are looking for them on Google Search or Maps. Their potential customers are now able to see their listing and learn what AWRS is all about, like their hours, contact info, and more.

Their new and revamped Google PPC campaign is giving AWRS’s business a boost in Google search results. If done correctly, Google AdWords will allow your business to be seen across the web and show up as the first result of anyone’s Google query. Reach your audience at the right place and at the right time.

When we started working with AWRS, they were only an internal page inside their big corporate website, but with our QuickLaunch websites, we built, hosted, and continue to support their local website. With this service we can launch fully developed websites in as little as five days. Big-brand quality, affordable for small to medium businesses, and delivered fast.

AWRS needed a way to reach their clients right when they were looking for their services

n stark contrast to what AWRS had experienced before, 8 Signal works continuously to show accountability and customer service that can’t be matched. “8 Signal is very accessible, easy to get a hold of, and responsive. They are accountable.” Not only is 8 Signal accountable to every client, but we deliver results.

“Nobody likes to mess with marketing but 8 Signal is easy to communicate with and we can shoot straight with them. We tried in-house and 3-4 other agencies for a lot more money but nothing worked like this. The results speak for themselves. They’ve really helped us.” During 2016 we increased their conversions by 1100% and we closed the year having raised AWRS ad clicks by 2366%:

  • Without increasing their Google Adwords cost
  • Maintaining their ads on the first spot of a Google search for most of the year

We’re looking forward to 2017 and how we can keep helping AWRS and all of our clients.

We look to them to see what needs to be done or changed and they’ve been very proactive. They have the experience and knew what was going to work and weeded out what wasn’t. Just like 8 Signal’s slogan says, we can confidently ‘outsource our marketing’.”

– Jeremy Ryan, AWRS El Paso