A Tale of Two Superheroes

Co-Founder Tiffany moves on to her new mission

Sometimes it’s best to talk about emotional topics in a straightforward, clear manner. And sometimes it’s easier to make up a parable about superheroes. I choose the latter!

This is a story about two seemingly ordinary Joes (we’ll call them Ruben and Tiffany, because those were their names) who unwittingly stumbled upon each other’s secret identities over appetizers.

It felt like any other dinner with friends — glasses sparkled, music floated, and the waiter forgot to bring more bread. Ruben, Tiffany, and their respective spouses chatted and laughed.

Suspicions Confirmed

But as the evening progressed, Ruben and Tiffany each began forming quiet suspicions about each other. Maybe it was an off-handed comment about unresponsive websites. Maybe it was a quick stolen glance to confirm that the menu and the wine list had different fonts.

Whatever set off the spidey-sense in each of their minds, neither could rest until they’d discovered the truth.

“I think Ruben might actually be a marketing superhero. And when he reached up to flag the server, his coat … well, I’m pretty sure he had tights on,” Tiffany told her husband that night.

A similar conversation took place between Ruben and his wife as well. And he really was wearing tights (unrelated to his marketing superpowers).

There was only one way for our marketing heroes to uncover the truth. They joined forces to form Pixelmark, an energetic marketing firm in El Paso. Co-Founders and friends, they worked closely until one day their suspicions were confirmed.

And together they fought tirelessly against fiendish villains like:

  • Poor SEO Strategy
  • Inconsistent Branding
  • Hard-to-Use Websites

Clients gasped in awe, unable to understand the swift responsiveness of the PixelMark team. Few ever suspected the superheroic feats of marketing that took place behind the scenes as they, too, were becoming heroes in their own stories.

Our Heroes Part Ways

All true superheroes have an arc, and here we come to the part of the story where Tiffany’s arc takes her away from the PixelMark team and her super-cohort Ruben.

One day, as Tiffany flew in from a long morning of triumph over marketing supervillains, she felt a shift. Destiny beckoned, and she knew it was time to take on a new mission.

Ruben (still inexplicably in tights) felt the cold sting of losing his heroic partner in marketing in El Paso and Las Cruces, but with Tiffany’s vote of full confidence he vowed to continue serving the good clients of PixelMark with a renewed burst of creativity and energy.

What This Change Means for Our Clients

All emotionally-avoidant storytelling aside, I (Ruben) want to assure you that, though we will miss working with Tiffany immensely, we’re going to power forward in her legacy of incredible dedication to you — our clients.

You’re in great hands with the PixelMark team. We’ve got some exciting new strategies and capabilities coming your way, and you can expect the same super service and care from us. You and your team aren’t going to experience any turbulence.

In a practical sense, the communications you previously had with Tiffany will be shifting to our Operations Director, Sharon (who has never been seen in the same room as Captain Marvel, just saying).

Please reach out with any questions you have about PixelMark’s current transition and know that as the winds of change blow, we’re still going to be here standing (hands on hips, possibly in tights).

We’re excited to write a new story with you, a story where you’re the superhero and we’re the trusty guides, showing you the way and leading you to marketing greatness.  

Do you feel like your current marketing efforts are setting your business up for superhero status? We can guide you to the right strategies for your particular market.

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