4 Quick Steps to Manage Your Hospital Facebook Page in Just 15 Minutes a Day


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Build your social media presence in 15 minutes a day

“I stay away from Facebook. I don’t have time to learn how to manage a page, and I hear people waste too much time and money without getting results.”

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this.

When you are a busy and active director of business development, it’s hard to add that essential marketing piece: building a strong social media presence.

But we all have mental blocks — a preference to avoid the unfamiliar, overwhelmed at the thought of managing a hospital Facebook page.

Luckily this director was also smart. After we talked through some reservations, they decided it was worth taking this head on. Because …

You can’t ignore Facebook

And the great news is no one else is ignoring it either!

With 1.37 billion people logging in daily, this supergiant is one of the best places to build a social media presence for your medical center.

And managing a Facebook page for a medical group doesn’t have to be intimidating.

In fact, just a few key habits and about 15 minutes is all it takes to keep your page active and engaging.

Keeping up with your hospital Facebook page takes 15 minutes

You can spend hours on end tweaking and updating and posting, but we’ve found you truly only need to develop a few simple habits to manage a kickin’ business page.

First things first. Before you get started:

Make sure you’re posting and commenting as your medical center profile, and not just your personal profile.

Then turn on notifications for page comments and reviews. This is really a one-time thing, but if you don’t do it you won’t be able to do some of the following tasks.

Ok, here we go. Set the clock, log in, and work through this simple daily checklist.

Checklist: 4 Steps to manage your hospital Facebook page

Check for messages.

Reply immediately, even if you aren’t able to give a comprehensive response right away. If a message requires more than a couple minutes to answer, just reply with a polite, “Thanks for your message! We want you to know we received it and will be in touch with you ASAP.” Your page gets rated for responsiveness, and visitors see how long it typically takes you to respond to messages.

Respond to activity.

This can be as simple as a “Thanks” or “Hi_____” to acknowledge any comments. Even negative comments are an opportunity for you to show class and professionalism. Likewise, if someone checks in at your location, respond with a simple greeting.

Respond to activity | 4 Quick Steps to Manage Your Hospital Facebook Page

Publicly engage with one or two key businesses or people in your industry.

This can mean liking their page, being active with a like/share/comment on something they post, or tagging them with some information you think might be relevant to them, or that you need to credit them with.

Schedule your content.

This one doesn’t have to be daily, but once or twice a week use Facebook or a scheduling service like Post Planner to prepare posts. Did you know you’ll get more visibility if you post at the right times? For example, Thursday is the best day to post, particularly at 1:00 pm. Posts also do well after work, when everyone is unwinding and scrolling after hours.

Schedule your content | 4 Quick Steps to Manage Your Hospital Facebook Page

Bonus steps for overachievers:
Post quality content to your page daily.
Learn how to do Facebook Live.
Boost high-performing content to reach a larger audience.

With the four key steps above you should start seeing better social media engagement markers, like website traffic via Facebook, more inbound inquiries through messenger, and more post views and activity.

Want to see these strategies in action? Check out this 5-minute video from Tiffany.

Make the most of your marketing efforts

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