The top 5 responsibilities in a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer’s job description

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People can get SUPER creative with job descriptions.

Like this one for a construction worker (or “Construction Chaos Engineer”):

  • Experience breaking things with precision and gusto
  • Proficiency with power tools (with a healthy respect for nail guns — ouch!)

A college professor:

  • Must be able to lecture to sleeping people

An orchestra percussionist:

  • Professional smasher-together of metal plates (must wear a tuxedo)

We’ve talked before about the role of and qualifications for a great fractional chief marketing officer (Fractional Chief Marketing Officer):

If that sounds like a pretty diverse and varied job description, you heard right! Part of what we at 8 SIGNAL love about Fractional Chief Marketing Officer services is the challenge and variety of serving our clients’ marketing needs.

However, if we were to reduce the responsibilities of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer down to a short list (Five? Let’s say five…), what would be in the job description?

The Top 5 Responsibilities of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer

1. Developing and executing a marketing strategy

(or “Master of Marketing Madness”)

Chances are good that you’re even considering a fractional CMO because you want to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy. So it’s not surprising that this is number one on our list. 

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer takes responsibility for formulating a marketing strategy that aligns with your business’s goals.

We work to understand your target market, analyze your objectives, and identify gaps and opportunities for growth. And we identify the metrics needed to evaluate whether the strategy is achieving the desired results.

2. Building and managing a marketing team

(or “Marketing Construction and Team Herding Engineer”)

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, we join your leadership team on the executive level. There’s a common misconception that a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is just a glorified consultant, but we’re not, okay? Stop saying that… It hurts our Fractional Chief Marketing Officer’s feelings! 

Just kidding, of course — but not about the “not being a consultant” part. The key distinction is that consultants advise, and it’s up to the company to implement (or not implement) that advice. 

However, as a fractional CMO, we assume responsibility for building and managing the marketing team. This can include hiring, training, and development.

3. Analyzing and reporting on marketing metrics

(or “Strategy Results Cruncher”)

A strategy is no good if it doesn’t work, but it’s also a problem if you can’t measure results!

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, we use KPIs (key performance indicators) to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing initiatives — and report back to leadership with the results.

4. Leadership team collaboration

(or “Outsider-Insider Marketing Liaison”)

As a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer, we work as members of a business’s executive leadership team. Whether that’s with the CEO, CFO, or CTO, fractional leaders collaborate with the team to ensure that marketing initiatives are in alignment with the business’s overall objectives and goals. 

However, as an executive level team member who’s not there all of the time, Fractional Chief Marketing Officers also have the unique position of being a leader with an outside perspective.

5. Keeping up with marketing trends and best practices

(or “Marketing Trend Fashion Influencer”)

A big part of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer’s job is to stay current with marketing trends and up to date with best practices. It’s in our job description to stay relevant! We keep a pulse on what’s working and incorporate these insights into your business’s marketing strategy.

And because we have experience working with a variety of clients across sectors, we’re able to bring a unique and innovative perspective to the team.

Our job description is your business’s success

Wondering how 8 SIGNAL’s fractional marketing services could help your business reach its marketing goals? Find out more about why we’re passionate about building marketing strategy.