8 Signal Client Highlight: Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Alloy Wheel Repair

Read success stories from our clients: AWRS.

Alloy Wheel Repair“Before 8 Signal, we didn’t know what was working. You took the pressure and heachache off of us and you guys did your thing. The results speak for themselves: you’ve helped us. Nothing had worked like this.”

Ah, kids. They grow up so fast.

Allow Wheel RimsOne day you’re teaching them how to crawl, the next you’re teaching them to walk, and suddenly they’re driving their own brand new car out of the dealership…

And scuffing the rims of their new ride.

Thankfully AWRS comes to the rescue!

This week, 8 Signal wanted to turn the spotlight on one of our clients, the guys from Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.

I love a great success story, especially when it comes from one of our clients. 8 Signal can’t help but feel a little bit proud watching our clients’ businesses grow. They just grow up so fast :’)

Their business has been boomin’ but, hey! you don’t have to take my word for it. We want to share their success story with you in their own words.

Who is Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists?

Alloy Wheel Repair SpecialistsAlloy Wheel Repair Specialists is the one-stop shop for all your alloy wheel needs. Whether you need to repair, remanufacture, personalize, or replace your wheels, they can help you.

They have consistently provided expert service to OEMs, car dealerships, collision shops, insurance companies, tire retailers, rental companies, auto auctions, auto repair centers, and the general public.

AWRS has company-owned and franchise locations in 47 states and over 17 countries, and it is currently facing a rapid expansion both domestically and internationally for a reason.

They get the job done:

“I would highly recommend. True Professionals. I was extremely satisfied with my outcome.”

“Why go anywhere else when you have the best in Alloy Wheel Repair!”

Those are just a couple of actual reviews AWRS El Paso is getting on Facebook. There are a lot more testimonials where that came from, all from satisfied customers.

In the end, there’s only so much that marketing can do for you, but a business that delivers on their promises and provides a professional service has already won half the battle, and definitely needs to let people know about it.

After trying in-house marketing and later having some bad experiences with “three or four other people for a lot more money” without getting the results they wanted, AWRS El Paso decided it was time for a change. “Our job is to fix wheels. We aren’t marketing people, we wouldn’t know where to start.”

The guys at AWRS realized that anybody can do a great sales pitch, but whether they follow through with their plans or not is a whole different thing. This led them to partner up with 8 Signal to take care of their online marketing.

“You had the experience of what was gonna work and weeding out what didn’t. It’s like your slogan says, we can just outsource our marketing and you help us outsmart our competition.”

AWRS trusts 8 Signal. Did we follow through?

It’s completely normal to have concerns or reservations when deciding on your marketing strategies and providers. As a matter of fact, I’d be surprised if a potential client didn’t! It’s a big step. Our friends at AWRS said so better than anyone:

“It’s an investment and, as the owner, I always wonder if I’m gonna get my money back. If I spend $700 per month will I get $700 per month? You go into it a bit sceptical. Businesses that aren’t advertising online think it’s an expense instead of the investment it really is to get people to come in through the front door.”

8 Signal understands the importance of showing them the results they wanted, of being accountable. We want everyone to be able to say the same as AWRS about their marketing:

“You listened to our needs, asked for some time to show us results, and you’ve done it. […] You’re accountable, we look to you to see what needs to change and you’ve been proactive at it. You’re very accessible, easy to get a hold of, and responsive.”

What results did we deliver?

Phone CallsAWRS has experienced a definite increase in their leads. “The 100 calls we got last month were calls that we didn’t get before.” I swear that just warms my heart. After all, what good would your marketing be if it’s not getting you results?

And AWRS noticed these results:

“Our phones are definitely ringing a lot more, and we are getting a lot more quote requests, so now we have more opportunities to gain new clients. […] You helped us grow the number of our retail customers.”

Have you needed AWRS’s services? We’d love to know what you think of their success story! Feel free to leave your comments below with your thoughts.

Do you need a marketing partner that can take the headache and pressure off of you?

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Photos courtesy of: IainCameron, Concavo Wheels.