Is Your Small Business a Netflix or a Blockbuster?

King piece on chessboard with toppled pieces surrounding it

How many businesses that barely survived the crisis in 2020 are ready to survive the next one? Today, I want to take a few minutes to share my thoughts on facing a crisis, dealing with disruption, and how we as business leaders can prepare for the unexpected. In this blog post, I talk about how adapting […]

Why do I Need a Professional Marketing Strategy?

Young black woman (20s) with glasses tilting her head and looking at the camera skeptically.

Picture this. After years of dreaming and saving, you are finally ready to build your own house. When you close your eyes, you can envision exactly what you want: a wraparound porch, a pergola in the backyard next to a designer pool, a chef’s kitchen (okay… maybe I’m describing my dream home. Bear with me!). […]

Digital Marketing and Tacos: Two Lifelines During the Pandemic

digital marketing and tacos - two lifelines during the pandemic

Here’s a true story. I’ll bet you can relate:  It was 5:00 in the afternoon. I didn’t realize that it was already 5 pm because I’d been sitting at home, binge watching The Office (yes, Netflix, I want to keep watching … and I don’t appreciate that judgmental tone!). My kids “reminded” me that it […]

The Secret Tool of Effective Marketing to Actually Reach Your Target Audience

Icon with a yellow background of a blue funnel with arrows pouring into the top

We don’t really hear the word “transformation” anymore unless we’re talking about spiritual principles, butterflies, or the Transformer franchise. #BumblebeeIsTheBest #ButOptimusPrimeIsBetter But it’s such a great word! Transformation is exactly what should happen when your target audience comes in contact with your company, products, and services. And in reality, that’s what often happens! However, if […]

Work Smarter by Forging the Path for Your Target Audience to Find YOU

Dark grey “men’s bathroom icon” figures standing with one shining yellow figure standing with their arms raised.

Do you remember that classic game, “Where’s Waldo?” Such great memories. You’re lying on your bedroom floor with a large picture book spread open in front of you. Your fingers busily trace over countless faces as your eyes dart back and forth, scouring the page for Waldo. You’ve spent minutes, hours, days looking for him […]

The Real Cost Of Creating A Marketing Strategy And Five Factors That Drive Up The Price

Word cloud with the words “Marketing Strategy” being the focal point.

This statistic floored me. Did you know that businesses with planned, documented marketing strategies are over 313% more likely to report successful sales campaigns? Over 313%. Friends, that’s what those in the world of statistics call a guarantee. If you’re over 300% more likely to gain sales by doing something, (contingent on it not being […]