The Real Cost Of Creating A Marketing Strategy And Five Factors That Drive Up The Price

Word cloud with the words “Marketing Strategy” being the focal point.

This statistic floored me. Did you know that businesses with planned, documented marketing strategies are over 313% more likely to report successful sales campaigns? Over 313%. Friends, that’s what those in the world of statistics call a guarantee. If you’re over 300% more likely to gain sales by doing something, (contingent on it not being […]

Six Common Problems Your Business Can Avoid With A Strategic Marketing Plan

Marketing-related words forming a square block of text with the word “Marketing” in the middle.

Let’s face it, marketing is overwhelming. Digital marketing, social media marketing, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing — I can’t say the word marketing anymore. It’s a valid stress! Marketing drives revenue, client connections, and the public perception of our brands, so it’s arguably the most important department in our companies. (At least […]

PixelMark is Now 8 Signal!

After passing our five-year landmark in November of 2019, our company is undergoing a major transition to enhance our clients’ online presence and position them as the voice of expertise in their field. Check out video above which gives you more information on how this incredible shift will strengthen the marketing services clients are receiving […]