Case Study: A digital marketing strategy tripled traffic and revenue for Southwest RV


Southwest RV Repair (or Southwest RV) is a family-owned business and leading source for RV and 18-wheeler customization, remodelling, maintenance, and repair in the El Paso area. Their onsite team of experts keep RVs looking and running their best and can customize vehicles’ interiors and exteriors — transforming an RV into almost anything a client […]

Why Don’t I See My PPC Ad?

I made a late-night run to a shady little gas station with blinking fluorescents last night. Though it isn’t the best choice I’ve ever made, it didn’t feel like a choice at the time. It was a need. Now I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right: I have a problem. But have you tried […]

Is Your Marketing Working? The Importance of Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Updated 2/2018 If you don’t know what’s broken, you won’t be able to fix it. Can you imagine going to the doctor and getting the wrong diagnosis?Doctors have to be extremely careful in their analysis and diagnosis. After all, lives are on the line. If they’re not sure how to proceed just by examining the […]

How to Write an Effective Benefit Statement

Write an Effective Benefit Statement

Updated 2/2018 I remember my first job, sales associate at the mall. The job description was just a hair short of saying “follow the customer around and — for the love of god — sell!” As time has passed and I’ve gained experience, I’ve learned that pushing a sale almost never works. The key to […]

Google My Business: Our 4-Step Guide to Setting It Up Right the First Time

Our 4-Step Guide to Setting It Up Right the First Time

Do you Google? Most people don’t search the internet anymore. They Google. It’s become a verb for about 87% of the world’s internet browsing population (full-disclosure: I made that statistic up). What about your local business? If your business is online or brick and mortar, like it or not, you need Google. It’s estimated that globally over 66 percent of desktop users and a whopping 92 percent of mobile users are using Google as their primary search engine.

How to Write an About Us Page That Sells

How to Write an About Us Page That Sells

My in-laws are huge Carly Simon fans. I’m sure it was at their house that I first heard Carly Simon’s, “You’re So Vain”. My dearest sister-in-law probably played it for me while Ceci and I were still dating. A completely erroneous judge of my character as far as I’m concerned. But please don’t look too closely at the last four short sentences. Actually, please do, because it’s riddled with a disease called me-itis (I just made that up).