Case Study: A digital marketing strategy tripled traffic and revenue for Southwest RV


Southwest RV Repair (or Southwest RV) is a family-owned business and leading source for RV and 18-wheeler customization, remodelling, maintenance, and repair in the El Paso area. Their onsite team of experts keep RVs looking and running their best and can customize vehicles’ interiors and exteriors — transforming an RV into almost anything a client […]

A Real Life Example of the “Excite” Stage in the Customer Value Journey


As marketers, our job is to move people through the customer value journey, an eight-step framework that turns strangers into raving fans. The eight steps are aware, engage, subscribe, convert, excite, ascend, advocate, and promote. In this post, I focus on the “excite” stage. I’ll share a personal experience that provides a clear and compelling […]

So You Need a Blog: How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

Twenty years ago, a business owner only had to worry about the big three when it came to allocating advertising dollars: Print, Television, Radio. Today’s business owners don’t have it quite so easy. With the explosion of digital technology, there are now an infinite number of ways to spend your advertising dollars. That’s why it’s so important to have a detailed, well-researched marketing plan for your business.