Case Study: A digital marketing strategy tripled traffic and revenue for Southwest RV


Southwest RV Repair (or Southwest RV) is a family-owned business and leading source for RV and 18-wheeler customization, remodelling, maintenance, and repair in the El Paso area. Their onsite team of experts keep RVs looking and running their best and can customize vehicles’ interiors and exteriors — transforming an RV into almost anything a client […]

How to Write an Effective Benefit Statement

Write an Effective Benefit Statement

Updated 2/2018 I remember my first job, sales associate at the mall. The job description was just a hair short of saying “follow the customer around and — for the love of god — sell!” As time has passed and I’ve gained experience, I’ve learned that pushing a sale almost never works. The key to […]

How to Write an About Us Page That Sells

How to Write an About Us Page That Sells

My in-laws are huge Carly Simon fans. I’m sure it was at their house that I first heard Carly Simon’s, “You’re So Vain”. My dearest sister-in-law probably played it for me while Ceci and I were still dating. A completely erroneous judge of my character as far as I’m concerned. But please don’t look too closely at the last four short sentences. Actually, please do, because it’s riddled with a disease called me-itis (I just made that up).