Is Your Small Business a Netflix or a Blockbuster?

King piece on chessboard with toppled pieces surrounding it

How many businesses that barely survived the crisis in 2020 are ready to survive the next one? Today, I want to take a few minutes to share my thoughts on facing a crisis, dealing with disruption, and how we as business leaders can prepare for the unexpected. In this blog post, I talk about how adapting […]

To Do It Yourself, or Not – Is a DIY Website Right for You?

A Book for Web Design and a Mac

7 questions to ask yourself before taking on a project Everyone loves a good do-it-yourself project, and we live in a time when we can find out how to create anything we want in a matter of minutes. There’s a plethora of step-by-step videos and articles to choose from. I swear, as I was writing […]

Content Over Design. How Design Enhances Our Message and Our User Experience

Thought over Design

After we determined what content needed to be updated, it was time to put our mad design skills to use. Content first. Design second. Do you have an opinion on this? It kind of sounds like a “chicken and the egg” argument: which came first?When it’s time to create your website, debating the chicken and […]

Making the Marketing and Design Process as Painless as Possible

8 Signal’s website redesign and relaunch gave us a chance to experience our own customer service. A close friend and financial advisor often reminds me, “La tortuga siempre gana,” or, “The tortoise always wins.” In English, you will recognize that this quote refers to the fable of the tortoise and the hare. We often restate […]

How to Write an Effective Ad

What makes an Ads Effective?

Tips on How to Write an Effective Ad From an Ad Pioneer Let me tell you a little about Rosser Reeves. He was born in 1910 and got into advertising by accident, according to Ad Age. As an advertising executive, Mr. Reeves quickly became “a brilliant theoretician of sales techniques” and a pioneer of TV […]

A Professional Website in 5 Days without the High Price Tag?

A Professional Website in 5 Days without the High Price Tag?

You’ve come to terms with it. You need a website. You’re not really sure how to go about getting one, or who to talk to. So you reluctantly start the process because you know “every business needs a website” or one of your prospects went with your competition because they actually had a website. Very […]

Unique Selling Proposition: Why Should Anyone Do Business with You?

Why Should Anyone Do Business with You?

Unique Selling Proposition: Why Should Anyone Do Business with You? The name Dan Kennedy may not mean much to you. But for me, Dan Kennedy was my introduction into the world of marketing. His marketing preference is that of direct response marketing. Think mail order catalogs, infomercials, and ads jam-packed to the brim with information. […]

A Fun and Honest Website Design for Desert Devil CrossFit of Las Cruces

A Fun and Honest Website Design

A few of you have been curious about what kind of work we’re up to lately. It made us realize we’re doing a really poor job of sharing our work! In all honesty, in the early days I was a bit paranoid about competitors seeing what we were doing and trying to steal ideas or […]