Don’t Sell Yourself Short: The Art of Internal Communications


You’ve been queasy about presenting your team’s annual review all week. Not that you have anything to be nervous about — you guys are killing it! Nevertheless, as pens click, slideshows flash, and each department has their turn, your palms sweat. Your heart rate spikes. You’re next. Your nerves reflect your insight into how important […]

Leadership vs. Management

chess pieces with only king standing

What you value determines your leadership style As a leader in your workplace, you’ll tend to err toward either a traditional managerial style, or a more team-oriented leadership style. Which one sounds more like you? Maybe it’s easier to ask: if you had to value one over the other, would you choose efficiency, or effectiveness? […]

How to Build Business Resilience

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Jazz and plane crashes: Only the adaptable survive TIffany and I recently had the privilege of joining today’s top marketing and sales professionals at Inbound 2017. And you know what surprised me? The thought that today’s top dogs aren’t necessarily going to be around next year. Technology, competition, strategies, the economy, super volcanos … There […]