I Know I Need a Marketing Plan, But I Don’t Know Where to Start!

Marketing plan concept design laid out on a desk with the words “marketing plan” in the center

Does this sound like you? You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. You’ve got a great product or service that you’re super excited to share with the world, but when it comes to actually getting the message out, you’re stumped. You don’t know which of the marketing tactics you’re using are working and […]

“Why should I pay YOU to learn MY business and create a marketing strategy?”

Large outdoor space with a road on the right side and a sign in the middle saying “Amateur” (pointing left) and “Professional” (pointing right), signifying the clear path created by a professional marketing plan

You know your marketing strategy is solid. I mean, sure — most of your boosted social media posts are struggling to gain traction and your lead conversion rate has been declining, but that’s just because of the economy.  And when you Google your company website, it takes a few different searches to get there, but […]

Six Common Problems Your Business Can Avoid With A Strategic Marketing Plan

Marketing-related words forming a square block of text with the word “Marketing” in the middle.

Let’s face it, marketing is overwhelming. Digital marketing, social media marketing, outbound marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, email marketing — I can’t say the word marketing anymore. It’s a valid stress! Marketing drives revenue, client connections, and the public perception of our brands, so it’s arguably the most important department in our companies. (At least […]

Don’t Sell Yourself Short: The Art of Internal Communications


You’ve been queasy about presenting your team’s annual review all week. Not that you have anything to be nervous about — you guys are killing it! Nevertheless, as pens click, slideshows flash, and each department has their turn, your palms sweat. Your heart rate spikes. You’re next. Your nerves reflect your insight into how important […]

How to Write an Effective Ad

What makes an Ads Effective?

Tips on How to Write an Effective Ad From an Ad Pioneer Let me tell you a little about Rosser Reeves. He was born in 1910 and got into advertising by accident, according to Ad Age. As an advertising executive, Mr. Reeves quickly became “a brilliant theoretician of sales techniques” and a pioneer of TV […]

Unique Selling Proposition: Why Should Anyone Do Business with You?

Why Should Anyone Do Business with You?

Unique Selling Proposition: Why Should Anyone Do Business with You? The name Dan Kennedy may not mean much to you. But for me, Dan Kennedy was my introduction into the world of marketing. His marketing preference is that of direct response marketing. Think mail order catalogs, infomercials, and ads jam-packed to the brim with information. […]